Sighthill Stone Circle - update 24th September 2014

by Duncan Lunan - 10:10 on 24 September 2014





Duncan has spoken to Architects - decisions on the start of major work have not yet been taken and the work will not start before next spring at the earliest. The Stone Circle remains in the planning permission application under condition 8H and a decision on its future location has still to be taken.



Comment from David Wilde at 10:46 on 24 September 2014.
We need our history, and if this is demolished, it will be for ever.
That should not, and must not, be.
Comment from Lynn Hall at 11:03 on 24 September 2014.
That stone circle is probably thousands of years old and was built for a specific reason, the land having been chosen for its location and significance. There are still people who live by those beliefs today. To relocate this stone circle is denying these people access to something sacred. Before this sacrilege is done, please ask yourselves one question: Would you consider relocating the Temple of Jerusalem, Mecca or The Vatican?
Comment from Pauline B at 16:06 on 24 September 2014.
Keep the stone circle or at the very least re allocate it somewhere appropriate. We need it!
Comment from Ian ramsey at 16:13 on 24 September 2014.
Sounds like,the worm turns at last
Comment from Alistair Nicolson at 19:07 on 24 September 2014.
What a piece of nonsence. The stone circle should remain exactly where it is and those in charge of the Sighthill refurb should incorporate it into their plans. I remember sitting in class at Allan Glen's when the helecopters brought the stones to site in the first place. GCC has destroyed MY Sighthill and Allan Glens has gone too. Only the stone circle survives.
Comment from Ann Rankin at 05:14 on 25 September 2014.
This circle means so much to the Pagan community of Glasgow. Thousands of pounds were spent building it. Does the City of Glasgow not intend to listen to this growing minority of people.

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