Incoming Asteroid and Wow Signal Podcast

by Duncan Lunan - 14:28 on 03 December 2014







Host Paul Carr is joined by panelists James Garrison and Tim Jones.

Astronomer JL Galache of the IAU Minor Planet Center and Duncan Lunan, author of the book Incoming Asteroid, enlighten us about the threat that Near Earth asteroids pose to Earth and what we can do about it.

Music by DJ Spooky, Jason Robinson and Erika Lloyd.

Thread(s): Planetary Defense, Space Exploration

Host: Paul Carr with James Garrison and Tim Jones

Guests: J.L. Galache, Duncan Lunan


Format of Show:

Intro Announcement

Intro segment  - the panel

J.L. Galache  bio

Interview with J.L Galache and panel

Interview wrapup

Duncan Lunan bio

Duncan Lunan interview

Wrap up - Paul Carr

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Nagging and Begging

Wow! Signal Bursts

Music - “Fulfill” by Erika Lloyd

Outro announcement












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