Progress Report, Sighthill Stone Circle, August 2015

by Duncan Lunan - 19:25 on 21 August 2015





Progress Report, Sighthill Stone Circle, August 2015.


Hello everybody,


This is our first Progress Report since October 2014, and to all who have enquired or kept in touch meantime, thankyou for your support and patience.


Among other reasons for the delay, in November 2014 I had a major computer crash which wiped out the mailing list;  fortunately I have paper records from which I should be able to reconstitute it.   Secondly, an unhelpful press report stating prematurely that the stone circle had been ‘saved’ has meant that continuing progress has had to be treated with greater confidentiality than before.   Thirdly, both Linda and I have had health problems, from which I’m glad to say we are now much better.


A great deal has happened in the meantime and while details must remain confidential for now, the position is that the redevelopment of the present Sighthill Park will go ahead, with the present hilltop being 'remediated and profiled' around the end of the year as part of the regeneration of the area.   Agreement has been reached with the City Council and other interested parties that the effort will be made to remove the standing stones intact, for storage and later re-erection once the astronomical alignments have been determined for their new location.   The idea of producing a new design integrated with a larger structure like a labyrinth has been dropped, and the aim is now to produce a slightly simpler but more accurate version of the current layout.   Unlike the ‘Time Team’ situation of 1979, when there were literally only days to finalise the alignments before erection, relying on graphical calculations, this time there will be a delay to allow observations to be made of events on site, at the solstices, of the star alignment, and hopefully at the equinoxes.   Ideally we will also manage to observe some of the lunar events within a year of the Minor Standstill, which takes place in September and October this year.   (It has to be said that due to weather, after a year of trying to photograph the run-up events at the current circle, only one of the four – southerly moonset – has been captured, and that on a very misty night.)


Without going into detail, a number of locations in the Sighthill/Springburn area have been proposed and checked, a best one has been chosen, and there have been detailed discussions on the best way to remove the stones.   The timescale for that operation has yet to be finalised, but it will have to be done before major alterations start on the hilltop in early 2016.   So the clock is ticking, and there should be firm news to report before long.   All being well, the symbolism of the phoenix which was burned at the circle’s closing ceremony last year will prove to be apt, and the stones will rise again.


Thanks again for the support,


Best wishes,








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