SSC update 21st September 2013

by Duncan Lunan - 23:55 on 21 September 2013



Several new people have been added to this mailing list and I’m sorry not to have been in touch sooner – among other things I’ve been immersed in correcting proofs for my next book, which are late and need a ton of work  (no change there).


A quick update for new readers:  on July 4th we had a meeting with Development & Regeneration Services at which we were shown the plans for Sighthill regeneration in detail and it was clear that the Broomhill, on which the stone circle stands, is going to be completely remodelled and lowered considerably in height, destroying the park.   As the circle stones are set in concrete arcs and the events on the horizon are diagonal, even if it could somehow be lowered the markers would no longer line up the them.   It would no longer be on the edge of the hill, in fact it would be inside a building, and if it was moved to the new edge, again it would destroy the alignments.   We did get a verbal promise, which has since been repeated by Gordon Matheson, that the necessary effort will be made to remove the stones intact and the Council will finance their reuse at another site.   It will be a big wrench, but it seems unavoidable.


Since that meeting there has been no further word from Glasgow City Council except that when I asked, on behalf of the Druid and Pagan community, whether the Sighthill circle would still be there for events to mark the autumnal equinox this weekend, that was given the go-ahead.   Tomorrow night, Sunday 22nd, people will be meeting at the circle at 7 pm for a ritual to mark the sunset at 7.15 and provisionally to say goodbye to it, since it may not be there in December. 


This morning BBC Radio Scotland broadcast a five-minute piece on the circle, interviewing myself, David McGlone for the Druids and Pagans, and Jack Forbes, whose mother’s ashes are scattered there and who keeps the Christian memorial at the central stone.   There were also emblems there from a Buddhist ceremony conducted recently, but that wasn’t included in the programme – but they had to get it into five minutes.


As there are now many other modern stone circles, I think that if the stones can be removed intact and separated, they should be reused in a different kind of structure, still with ancient inspiration and astronomical alignments.   One very promising suggestion is that they could be incorporated into a labyrinth, analagous to the one excavated at Clydebank in the 1930s, and several interesting locations for it have already been suggested.   The DRS said they would like to see a public consultation on the reuse of the stones and plans for that are under way.  


We have received a substantial donation, much appreciated, from the concert organised by Stuart Braithwaite at Platform, which is a help to get things started.   Prior to that, the domain name etc for the Sighthill stone circle website came up for renewal and as it won’t be at Sighthill much longer, and we had no funds for renewal in any case, for those and other practical reasons we took it down.   The information on the circle and the campaign is now on my own website, www.duncanlunan.com, under The Stones and the Stars.   The link to the petition is now there for anyone who hasn’t signed it yet – it’s only 183 signatures away from its target of 5000.


For similar reasons Linda and I have now closed our ‘Astronomers of the Future’ website and the Friends of Sighthill Stone Circle have now officially been adopted by the charity ACTA SCIO, which doesn’t have its own website yet, but we hope it will shortly.


More news of that and other developments as it happens,


With best wishes,




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