Sighthill Stone Circle Update 5th November 2013

by Duncan Lunan - 12:19 on 05 November 2013



Sighthill Stone Circle Update  - 5th November 2013



Hello everybody, and thanks to the new supporters who’ve joined the campaign to save the Sighthill stone circle.


We’ve been told that if it weren’t for the coverage and support we’ve gained in the last year (nearly), the stones would simply have been removed, probably broken up in the process, and disposed of.   Although the assurances we have from Glasgow City Council are still purely verbal, we do have assurances that the stones will be removed with care and relocated.   For several weeks we had no replies to queries about when this would happen, but we have now been told by DRS that it will not be before the end of the year (so those who wish to mark the winter solstice at the circle can do so) but it will probably not be there for the summer solstice next year.   Clearing of the park will begin in the New Year and the trees which the Parks Department and later Land & Environment Services have cared for, for so long, will be felled.   Ironically that means that at the end, the circle will have a clearer skyline than it did at the beginning, since several tower blocks, the incinerator and the distillery have all gone meantime.   Even more ironically, with just a few more months we could have started trying to observe lunar risings and settings before the minor standstill, in hopes to complete the set of observed events.


On more hopeful notes, we’ve now had a meeting with the architects who are tasked with removing and resiting the stones, and have been given copies of the development plans which were still confidential at the time of our meeting with DRS early in July.   New trees will be planted in what’s being called a ‘linear park’ to create a new corridor into the city for wildlife (the same wildlife which we were told in November doesn’t exist).   There are possible technical solutions to the problems of removing the stones intact, and they’re to be investigated further.   Perhaps most encouragingly, the architects want to keep the stones in the area of the three hills  (Broomhill, where they are, Summerhill and Sighthill), and if we can achieve that then the links with the historical summer solstice fairs, the Cathedral site and Dobbie’s Loan will be preserved.  


Once we have finalised a new site, we can renew the discussions on what we actually want to build and how the stones would be incorporated.   Last time, the final phases were done in a Time Team-style rush; there was no time for astronomical observations beforehand and there are inaccuracies in the circle which could have been avoided (discussed in Chapter 8 of the book).   That proved a number of points about the ancient sites, but we’ve learned what was to be learned from that and next time the circle should be as accurate as possible, with possibly three years of observations beforehand.


As always, more news as it happens!


Best wishes,







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