1 Review, James Dunham, “The Helena Orbit”, Shoreline of Infinity, in press.


2. Review, Angus McAllister, “Cyber Puppets”, Shoreline of Infinity, accepted.


3. Review, Kim Stanley Robinson, “Red Moon”, Shoreline of Infinity, accepted.


4. Review, Craig Russell, “Fragment”, Shoreline of Infinity, submitted.


5. Review, Aliya Whiteley, “Skyward Inn”, Shoreline of Infinity, submitted.


6. ’Oumumua Revisited’, Concatenation, in preparation.


7. Review, Peter Crowther, “Things I Never Knew My Father Knew”, Par Sec, in press.


8. Review, Derek Künsden, “The House of Styx”, Par Sec, in press.


9. Review, John Appel, “Assassin’s Orbit”, Par Sec, in press.


10. Review, Tom Major, “Uinversal Language”, Par Sec, in press.


11. Review, Paul Di Filippo, “Worldshifter”, Par Sec, in press.




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